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                                 CUSTOM  ORTHOTICS


Thames Medical Centre has partnered with Garnet Orthopedic Solutions to offer Ingersoll residents the opportunity to work with a Canadian Certified Pedorthist for all their orthotic requirements.

Why go to a Pedorthist?

- a Canadian Certified Pedorthist has 5+ years of education and are trained

in the Assessment and Treatment of lower limb mechanics and gait abnormalities.

- most insurance companies will cover the cost of orthotics through a Pedorthist


How soon will the Orthotics be ready:

- generally, it only takes a week to get your orthotics

- the Pedorthist will meet with you to ensure a good fit into your shoes


What if there are issues with the Orthotics once they have been made?

- Garnet Orthopedic Solutions has their own lab and can quickly make any

adjustments that are necessary, for no additional cost.


What is the process for determining the shape of the orthotics?

- a foam box is used to make a 3D mold of the foot by placing the patients foot

inside to capture a corrected imprint. Once they have this 3D model, they will

manufacture the orthotics to correct and align the foot.


What are the orthotics made of?

- Orthotics are made out of polypropylene, EVA, TPU or Nylon

- Orthotics can be manufactured by using CNC milling, 3D printing, or traditional


Custom Orthotics by a Pedorthist.  A foam casting is performed and used with your health history.  Orthotics are guaranteed and you will not be charged for necessary modifications
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